Elcelectric Transformers

Add: No.3 Wall Street Building, Luzhou Road, Hefei 230051, China

Phone: +86-551-63676389

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Our History
ELC is a professional transformer solution provider founded in the year 2004 Hefei, China.
Our Principal Business
We are committed to being a first-class manufacturer of high quality and performance transformers for all applications.Since the year we built, ELC has been the first choice of top electronics OEMs and contract manufacturers worldwide for custom transformers. We specialize in state of the art, cost effective power solutions.With our lean management and manufacturing style we are very price competitive. We are a high quality manufacturer with shorter lead times, cost savings and high level facilities. Our products are old to testing equipment manufacturers, telecom, audio, medical, urban rail industrial and commercial product applications etc.
Our Strategy
With more than 18 years of development, ELC believe that innovation is inseparable from technological research and product development, and constantly improve product performance, make it mre practical, more in line with the needs of modern products. Safety, environmental protection, high efficiency are synonymous of audio transformer and ELC’s research direction.In addition to our present range of transformers we have the ability to offer design variations and completely new designs upon customer requests.
Our Mission
We are committed to providing our customers with high quality products, on time deliveries,and competitive prices.
We are also committed to providing a comfortable working environment for our employees with opportunity for growth and advancement.
We are a growing entity in the transformer industry, determined to establish a company founded on quality, commitment and customer service.
ELC will always be your reliable power partner!