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·Product Design & Development


Whether your project is a New Product Design, a Build-to-Print, or a Design Modification, ELC will be happy to assist you with your technical requirements. We collaborate with you on each of your application-specific projects to identify your key parameters to accelerate product development and improve component performance and reliability. We produce a high quality product that performs to your expectations in as short a time as possible.

Product Development Process 

·We start with your specifications and parameters relative to your equipment & application

·Begin the design phase to optimize for best combination of size – performance – quality – manufacturability

·Specify the BOM and manufacturing process steps for costing / quoting / manufacturing

·Develop & build pre-production prototypes as determined

·Test the prototypes and qualify to specifications, review for improvements / design modifications, review of workmanship

·Customer prototype examination and approval

·Manufacture according to product BOM, production job steps and quality plan

·Compliance and Certification if requested by customer

Reverse Engineering 

With regards to production quantities, we are happy to take a sample of something that is close to what you are envisioning and create a product with the appropriate adjustments and improvements for you.

Transformer Design 

·High Frequency Transformers

·Toroidal Transformers

·Power Transformers

·Current Transformers

·High Voltage Transformers

·Isolation Transformers

·Potential Transformers

·Audio Transformers

·Pulse Transformers

·Small 3 Phase Transformers

·Custom & Equivalent Transformers 

Design Objectives

·Optimized Design Package – performance / quality / size / manufacturability

·Improved Operational Performance - higher efficiency, higher accuracy, cooler operating temperatures, improved functionality

·Improved Quality – materials selection & substitutions

·Compactness – reduce size & weight, save valuable space, fit into available space dimensions

·Ruggedness – protection from vibration, moisture, corrosion

·Improved Manufacturability – windings, connections, spacings, insulating methods, assembly methods, tolerance considerations, etc.

·Meet CE, UL, CSA Safety Standards when specified

Typical Transformer Design Considerations

·end equipment application description

·power supply circuit operational requirements 

·safety standards

·dimensional requirements

·weight requirements

·efficiency requirements

·maximum / minimum ambient temperature requirements

·over voltage / over current handling conditions

·Transformation characteristics: linearity, accuracy, tolerances

·impedance matching

·isolation voltage level

·voltage regulation

·EMI shielding

·ruggedness to vibration & environment

·design for manufacturability & parts availability for fast delivery



As a company, we are focused on the continual improvement of producing the highest quality products on-time and excellence in our manufacturing processes of planning, execution, control, flexibility and efficiency.

Custom Winding

ELC has many years of experience and expertise in manufacturing winding styles of all types. Our Winding Capabilities include:

·Linear winding styles – precision linear winding, orthocyclic winding, bobbin winding, layer winding, self supporting coils

·Toroidal winding styles – precision toroidal winding, progressive winding, bank winding, progressive bank winding, sector winding

·Universal winding, Litz wire winding and Foil winding

·Custom winding styles


Manufacturing Processes

SCHEDULING – production is prioritized to customer delivery dates for on-time shipping

MATERIALS – supply management, incoming inspection, material prep

WINDING – linear winding, toroidal winding, universal winding, air coil winding, layer winding, custom

TOOLING – in house machine shop and specialized outside suppliers

ASSEMBLY – meticulous attention to quality in every step of our manufacturing build instructions

TESTING – full complement of transformer / inductor / winding testing capabilities

QUALITY – ISO 9001:2015 Quality Program, standard operating procedures and work instructions, continuous improvement

CONTROL – process control records, SPC trend analysis & monitoring


Providing moisture and environmental protection over selected temperature ranges using varnishes, epoxies, silicones,synthetic rubbers and others

ENCAPSULATION – vacuum / pressure epoxy encapsulation processing expand 

Encapsulation processes (potting, molding) using Epoxy, Silicone or other suitable encapsulant with Vacuum / Pressure / Bake processing options for: 

·high voltage applications

·resistance to shock and vibration

·exclusion of moisture and corrosive agents

·protection from mechanical damage

CURING – controlled curing process specific to material / volume processing specifications

INSPECTION – incoming, pre-start, in-process, product-specific and final inspections

LABELING – bar codes, serialized part numbers capability

DOCUMENTATION – as required by customer: Certificate of Compliance, RoHS certificate, production test records, Serialized part number report, customs documentation

PACKAGING – securely packed and ready for transportation