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ELC Electronics Co., Ltd offers standard and custom transformers for audio applications. With local and global design and manufacturing facilities, we are able to support high volume production while minimizing costs. With over 15 years of experience, our engineers are capable of designing reliable, cost-conscious products tailored to your specific application.

Audio transformers can be divided into three categories according to their position in the electronic circuit:

1. The output transformer is connected between the output circuit and the load.

2. Connected between the signal source and the amplifier input end called input transformer;

3. The transformer connected between the upper output circuit and the lower input circuit is called the interstage transformer.

The transformer affects the sound quality of the main reasons:

1. The quality of the transformer core;

2. The primary winding and secondary winding of the transformer;

3. Influence of distributed capacitance and distributed electrical perception between primary winding and secondary winding of transformer.

ELC Electronics Co., Ltd use high brand iron core, nitrogen and hydrogen gas protection annealing, the use of double magnetic shielding technology, completely eliminate mechanical noise and electromagnetic interference. The sound box is attached to the ear without any humming sound; Not limited by the mold, the size of the arbitrary adjustment, to meet your personal needs.