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Equivalent to Lundahl LL1581XL

Gerneral Purpose Audio Splitting Transformer ELC LL1581XL


General purpose audio isolation transformers, as far as impedance is concerned, can be considered as hybrids between input transformers and output transformer.

Input transformers are used at dedicated input situations and should present a very high impedance to the source.



Electric Schematic:


Electrical Parameters:

Turns ratio:  1+1 : 1+1
DCR(Pin1 to Pin2): 70 OHM
DCR(Pin3 to Pin4): 70 OHM
DCR(Pin5 to Pin6): 70 OHM
DCR(Pin7 to Pin8): 70 OHM
Inductance(Pin1 to Pin2):26 H
Inductance(Pin3 to Pin4):26 H
Inductance(Pin5 to Pin6):26 H
Inductance(Pin7 to Pin8):26 H
Frequency response:20Hz-50kHz  -0.5dB
Hi-Pot: 1250 VAC, 1mA  1Sec (PRI-SEC)