Elcelectric Transformers

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Equivalent to Jensen JT-11P-1HPC

Line Input Transformer ELC JT-11P-1HPC


Ideal for balancing any high-impedance unbalanced input.

This transformer is designed for use in wideband line input stages.

Distortion remains very low and CMRR remains high, even when driven by high source impedances.



Electric Schematic:


Electrical Parameters:

Turns ratio: 1 : 1
DCR (Pin1 to Pin4): 2.26K OHM
DCR (Pin5 to Pin8):  1.9K OHM
Inductance(Pin1 to Pin4): 450H
Inductance(Pin5 to Pin8):450H
Frequency response:  20Hz-100kHz   -0.2dB
Hi-Pot: 1250VAC  5mA  1Sec.