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Equivalent to Jensen JT-MB-DPC

Microphone Bridging Transformer ELC JT-MB-DPC


Provides 2 additional, isolated balanced outputs as mic 'splitter'.

Stops 'ground loop' problems when a mic feeds multiple preamps.

Excellent frequency response and time domain performance.



Electric Schematic:


Electrical Parameters:

Turns ratio:   1 : 1
DCR (Pin5 to Pin4): 51 OHM
DCR (Pin12 to Pin11): 50 OHM
DCR (Pin8 to Pin7):   58 OHM
Inductance(Pin5 to Pin4): 3.0H
Inductance(Pin12 to Pin11): 3.0H
Inductance(Pin8 to Pin7): 3.0H
Frequency response:  20Hz-20kHz   -0.14dB
Hi-Pot:  500VAC  5mA  1Sec.